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What are Beta Glucans?

Beta Glucans are polysaccharides found in yeast, vegetables, mushrooms, and oat bran. They have been clinically shown and are widely believed to be one of the most powerful compounds for immune system support. There are over 8,500 peer-reviewed articles that discuss their benefits in leading scientific journals. To unlock the full potential of beta glucans, they must be from the right source, of high purity, and of sufficient dosage.

Caution: Not All Beta Glucans Are Equal

We encourage you to take your time reading some of the 8,500 articles on beta glucan provided on the U.S. national Institutes of Health (NIH) website. If you’re sold on incorporating beta glucan into your daily routine, make sure you take the right beta glucans. Here’s why iNR Wellness MD is the leading beta glucan on the market today:



Our yeast beta glucan is from a proprietary manufacturing process protected by trade secrets for its ultra pure properties. Our oat and mushroom beta glucans are sourced from the highest quality manufacturers in the world.



With input from our medical advisory board, we created a proprietary triple action formulation (the only one of its kind) that contains the three types of beta glucan that are beneficial for immune support and other key aspects of health.



Other beta glucan brands use deceptive marketing practices that highlight the “high milligram” content in their capsules. We believe one of the most factors in beta glucan effectiveness is quality, which comes from purity, not quantity. We use beta glucan that is 95% pure, for optimal absorption and benefit.



95% Min


Beta Glucans Provide Powerful Immune System Support

50+ years of scientific research and over 8,500 scientific studies show that Beta Glucans can help:

Boost Immune System

There is promising evidence supporting beta glucans in their ability to regulate and boost the human immune system. A robust immune system keeps you healthy by fighting off pathogens that can make you sick.

Balance Gut Health

One key to keeping your immune system going strong is maintaining your gut health. Clinical studies indicate that supporting the immune system through daily consumption of beta glucan could naturally assist with overall health, especially when combined with healthy eating and regular exercise.

Promote Cardiovascular Health - (Approved Ingredient)

Over the past decade, substantial evidence from clinical studies have shown that oat beta glucans work to help to reduce cholesterol, evidence strong enough to prompt the US FDA to allow making a claim for its heart health goodness.


Ultra Pure Beta Glucan

Formulated for maximum purity & bioavailability

The problem with other beta glucan companies is that they try to impress customers by increasing the amount of beta glucan in each serving size. They completely disregard the source and purity of the beta glucans in their capsules.

iNR Wellness MD

iNR Wellness is different. Our beta glucan immune support supplement is a result of our commitment to great science. Our formulation is a combination of the three most studied sources of beta glucan, our manufacturing takes place in the US and complies with the strictest FDA standards and guidelines. We want you to know that we care deeply about our customers’ health and which is why we’ve created iNR Wellness to deliver the maximum benefit of beta glucans.

Health starts with the Immune System.

The ultimate beta glucan supplement.

  • Highest Purity
  • Product Transparency
  • GRAS Certified
  • Leading Formulation
  • Powerful Immunomodulator
  • Immunity Booster
  • Gut Health Promoter
  • Made in the USA
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Yeast beta glucan from saccharomyces cerevisiae is a powerful natural source of immune strength. The beta 1,3/1,6-D-glucan found in yeast binds to the Dectin-1 receptor on macrophages, a key cell in the immune system. This activates them and allows them to better fight pathogens to keep us healthy.


Mushroom beta glucan, specifically from Reishi mushrooms, contains the 1-3/1-6 chain of beta glucan, which is believed to be responsible for many of the health benefits attributed to medicinal mushrooms. Reishi mushrooms have been studied for their effects on the immune system, and are considered biological response modifiers.


Oat beta glucan is a powerful soluble dietary fiber that contributes to both heart health and regulation of gut health. Oat beta glucan has been clinically proven to lower cholesterol, improve digestion, and elevate collagen production for healthier looking skin.

Beta Glucan’s Powerful Immune Support Can Help ChangeThe Way You Feel, Look and Perform!


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