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What is Beta Glucan?

Beta Glucan is a polysaccharide found in yeast, beans, fruits, mushrooms and oat bran. It has been clinically shown to lower cholesterol and is widely believed to be the most powerful solution for immune system support. Most people have never heard of beta glucans before, yet there are over 8,500 peer-reviewed articles discussing their benefits in scientific journals. To get the full benefits of beta glucan however, it must come from the right source, be of a certain purity and be consumed in the correct daily dosage.

How is the immune system so crucial to your health?

Dr. Jack Gilbert, Head professor at the University of Chicago Microbiome lab explains...
  • Do you get constantly sick or suffer from low energy, digestive issues, or brain fog?
  • A Thriving Gut Microbiome is the Key to A Healthy & Properly Regulated Immune System
  • How I and my friends and family discovered that a Healthy Immune System is the Cornerstone of A Healthy Life
  • Why Beta Glucan is my Secret #1 Superfood for Supporting The Gut Microbiome and Immune System
  • Click the lines above to learn how iNR Wellness can boost your Immune System & Maximize Your Overall Health

Dr. Jack Gilbert

Faculty Director, The Microbiome Center. Professor, Department of Surgery
The University of Chicago. Senior Scientist, the Marine Biological Laboratory ArrowFeatured on:
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Caution: Not All Beta Glucans Are Equal

If you’re not convinced yet of the amazing benefits of beta glucan, we encourage you to take your time reading the 8,500 articles on the U.S. National Institute of Health (NIH) website. We’ve taken the liberty of organizing a few of the most compelling studies for you here. If you’re sold on incorporating Beta Glucan into your daily wellness routine, here’s why we believe INR Wellness MD is the most superior beta glucan ever developed:



Our Yeast Beta Glucan is derived from a proprietary ultra pure manufacturing process protected by trade secrets and intellectual property. Our oat and mushroom glucans are sourced from the highest quality manufacturers in the world.



After decades of study from our medical advisory board, we created a proprietary triple action formulation (the only of its kind) that contains the three types of beta glucan we believe to be most beneficial for immune support, as well as the many other benefits of this amazing ingredient.



Marketing claims often feature the “high milligram” content or “high percentages” of beta glucan in a capsule to demonstrate a product’s effectiveness. However, it’s the quality, not the quantity, of the beta glucan that is most important when determining the product’s benefit. Beta Glucan is considered an immune system “activator.”



95% Min


Beta Glucan’s Powerful Immune System Support Can Help The Way You Feel, Look and Perform!

Beta Glucan is an all natural superfood widely accepted as the most powerful and effective way to boost your immune system. 50+ years of research and over 8,500+ scientific studies have shown that Beta Glucan can help:

Immune System support

There is promising evidence supporting the claim that beta glucan can regulate and boost the human immune system. A healthy immune system can counteract sources of stress in your body, including pathogens that can make you sick.

Balanced Gut Health

One key to keeping your immune system going strong is maintaining your gut health. Clinical studies indicate that supporting the immune system through daily consumption of beta glucan could naturally assist with overall health, especially when combined with healthy eating and regular exercise.

Promotes Heart Health - (Approved Ingredient)

Over the past decade, substantial evidence from clinical studies have shown that oat beta-glucans help reduce cholesterol. The US FDA found the evidence convincing enough to allow products containing at least 0.75 grams of beta-glucans per serving to make a medical claim promoting heart health, which we do.

Superior Health Through Gut Health

One key to keeping your immune system going strong is maintaining your gut health. Clinical studies indicate that supporting the immune system through daily consumption of beta glucan could naturally assist with overall health, especially when combined with healthy eating and regular exercise.

Improved Glucose Response

Clinical studies show that male and female participants experienced lower glucose responses after taking an oat beta-glucan extract. Participants who took the 10% beta-glucan concentrate experienced the greatest difference. The study results illustrate how even modest amounts of oat beta-glucan extracts can be beneficial to glucose tolerance.

All-Natural Energy Support

Research has shown that beta-glucan consumption can boost overall energy levels. There are studies documenting elevated weight loss from better calorie control and increased exercise following daily consumption of a beta-glucan extract, suggesting beta-glucan’s potential to improve your body’s ability to extract and use energy.

Organic, All-Natural, Gluten Free & Chemical Free

Our beta glucan is different. The purity of our beta glucan is at least 95% pure so it’s easily absorbed by the body. We don’t use harmful chemicals to extract it either. We’re GMO and dairy free. Every single one of the ingredients in our beta glucan formulation has been clinically shown to have profound benefits for the human body. Why not see the benefits for yourself?


America’s #1 Beta Glucan –

Formulated for maximum purity & bioavailability

The problem is that most companies selling beta glucan try to impress customers by increasing the amount of beta glucan in each serving size. They completely disregard the source and purity of the glucan.


INR Wellness is different. We understand that it’s not only the amount of beta glucan that matters! We’ve formulated our products as a combination of the three most studied sources of beta glucan. We also utilize proprietary manufacturing processes that comply with FDA guidelines. In short, we care about our customers health and we want you to receive the maximum benefit from this amazing product.

Health starts with the Immune System.

The ultimate triple Prebiotic Dietary Fiber

  • Free Radicals Scavenger
  • Healthy Inflammatory Response
  • Aids Cognitive Function
  • Supports Liver Health
  • Promotes Cardio Health
  • Helps Balance and Boost Immunity
  • Improves Digestion
  • Supports Gut Health
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Beta-1,3/1,6-D-glucan from saccharomyces cereviciae (commonly called “baker’s yeast”) has a different mechanism of action from the other two ingredients used in the iNR Wellness formulation. Yeast derived beta-glucan binds to the Dectin-1 receptor on macrophages, our first line of defense against harmful substances. This is how the compound is absorbed into cells and what gives it the immune supporting features. Ultra pure beta glucan has been shown to be a powerful immune support nutrient. Our formula uses the purest beta glucan, with a purity level over 95%.


Reishi Mushroom Extract naturally contains the 1-3/1-6 chain of beta glucan, which is responsible for many of the health benefits attributed to medicinal mushrooms. Beta-glucans derived from reishi mushrooms have demonstrated their ability to boost the immune system and are thus considered biological response modifiers. Studies show that these polysaccharides enhance the body’s protection against viruses, bacterial and fungal infections.


Oat Powder contains a high concentration of beta glucans when extracted correctly. Derived from oat kernels, this ingredient is known for its dietary contribution of soluble fiber. Oat beta glucan has been clinically proven to lower cholesterol, aid with digestion and elevate collagen production leading to healthier looking skin. The iNR Wellness formulation contains the purest beta glucan 1-3/1-4 chain due to our world class extraction process.

WITH OVER 8,500+
Clinical Studies on
Beta Glucan

Scientifically published and peer-reviewed studies on Pubmed, Beta Glucan is finally starting to get noticed as a compelling immune support nutrient.*

Through immune system modulation, your innate immune responses increase activity in your macrophages, NK cells and complements. These cells are responsible for the maintenance of your body, wound healing, and protection against pathogens. Beta Glucan’s activation of these immune cells can also lead to other benefits such as increased feelings of energy, cognitive function, biological response, and overall health.

Beta glucan lower than 95% purity, especially in the 1,3/1,6d linkages, can clump up or aggregate in the digestive tract leading to a large reduction in bioavailability. iNR Wellness MD is the only beta glucan formulation available today that features a minimum purity of 95%.

Current leading brands of beta glucan are primarily formulated around natural 1,3 “oat” beta glucan linkages. Your dectin-1 immune receptor is the only one that can see these larger linkages. According to the International Review of Immunology, “Recognition of beta-glucan by dectin-1 triggers effective immune response, including phagocytosis and proinflammatory factor production, to eliminate infecting fungi, which especially benefits compromised patients against opportunistic fungal infection.”

Most beta glucan products are overpriced despite their impurity which reduces bioavailability. Additionally, most current beta glucan products only feature the natural 1,3d beta glucan linkage for activating dectin-1 receptors.

iNR Wellness MD’s formula not only features 1001 mg / serving of ultra-pure 1,3d beta glucan for maximum dectin-1 activation, each serving also has 15mg of Puracere® 1,3/1,6 linkage beta glucan for activation of the CR3 receptors and TLR2 & TLR6 receptors for an even more complete immune response.

Get the most out of your beta glucan today with iNR Wellness MD!

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Beta Glucan’s Powerful Immune Support Can Help ChangeThe Way You Feel, Look and Perform!


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